As a property owner, do you promote packages on your website?

Why not promote them on as well?

A great addition to any campaign is the Vacation Package. As a resort/hotel property, it’s always important to present the value your property has to offer potential guests. One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to do this is offering packages. And offers specific geo-targeted packages section on our site! Keep your property’s offerings fresh and new – an all inclusive spring break package or a fall golf package for two. Manage your package for the entire length of your campaign.

Our Marketing Center gives you the control to edit your package’s content and photos, sending it right through to our team to publish live. packages come up on Google & Yahoo 9 times out of 10 organically, bringing qualified consumers directly to your package information. Get extra clicks for your campaign from consumers who are looking for packages in your location.

Click here or call 1.866.757.8229 to find out more information on how to add a Vacation Package to your advertising.

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