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As Co-Founder and President of TravelNet Solutions, Inc, Ryan Bailey has been instrumental in TravelNet's expansion from a first generation vertical travel site company into a diversified platform company. TravelNet Solution's vertical sites connect thousands of travel companies to it's loyal travel-minded communities that spans 65 countries around the world, with the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia leading the list. Ryan is responsible for TravelNet Solution's top line revenue across all product lines on a worldwide basis. He also leads sales and marketing for TravelNet’s four product divisions, including the site - the world’s largest online resort and lodge destination marketplace that connects travel planners with hotels, resorts, lodges, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts. The site is projected to generate over $100 million in business for travel companies in 2012. Under Ryan's leadership, TravelNet Solutions has achieved profitable growth since 2004. With more than 10 years of experience in the digital travel industry, Ryan has spoken at several hospitality events and advised thousands of hoteliers on strategic digital planning, transient direct marketing, group direct marketing, and analytics. Ryan attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth before the company moved it’s offices to Minneapolis / Saint Paul area.

Taking your web stats to life with Phonalytics

Phonalytics is Now Offering a FREE 60-Day Trial of Call Tracking Technology

Fact: Billions of dollars are still being booked over the phone. With the plethora of online advertising opportunities, money is being spent without evaluating the results. As a premier partner of, Phonalytics is offering a FREE 60-day trial of its call tracking, call recording and speech analytics Internet-based technology to help your business evaluate results.

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Top 10 Ways to Overcome Rez Staff Pitfalls

Over the years we at have analyzed hours of call data from hotels and resorts across North America and have gathered this list of Top 10 Ways to Overcome Rez Staff Pitfalls. This list calls attention to every resort or hotel property so they can realize what their reservation staff may actually be saying to potential guests. Every phone call counts and may equal potential revenue for a hotel, resort, lodge, inn, or rental management company. It is imperative for anyone who owns or runs a property to become conscious of these situations, which may be happening at their own property.

We’ve compiled a list of the most alarming things we’ve come across.

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